EcoCub's Plant-Based Children’s Dinnerware - Our Story

Hey, I’m Anneliese 

♡ Accidental small business owner
♡ Mum of 2 sons- Oliver and Charlie
♡ Wife to Ryan 

I didn’t start out wanting to own a business.

I’m a registered nurse so caring for human health has always been on the cards for me. Equally, I love to care for the health of our planet.  I also obsessively read the latest research to learn about what’s going on in our world.

When I was pregnant with my second son Charlie, I was doing some light reading about you do. 

I’ll never forget the moment I read the findings- they stopped me in my tracks...

Micro plastics were found in human waste, including babies.

These tiny plastic particles have been linked to multiple health issues. Found in the ocean and through the environment, they’re also leaching their way into the food we eat through plastic packaging, cooking, and everyday dining items.

Looking around our home...there was plastic everywhere. I knew I was probably riddled with it. But goodness help me, my children still had a chance!

If you’re a parent, you know the food prep is constant. I thought a quick win would be to replace harmful plastic plates and cutlery with a safe alternative. A determined mamma on a mission, I searched for a safe, eco-friendly alternative. Not so easy.

It shocked me to discover that products marketed as bamboo can still contain 30-50% harmful plastics.  

 There HAD to be a better way.

I exclaimed to my husband “I’m spending countless hours searching for something that doesn’t exist. It's a (insert expletive here) unicorn!”. 

He said without hesitation  "You should make it yourself".

Challenge accepted. 

I researched for months. Sent hundreds of emails. Then finally, SUCCESS.

It took me a year to source my plant-based dinnerware products, with a cornstarch-based binder instead of plastic or melamine. 

And to find a manufacturer who had the technology to make the unicorn I’d been searching for. I’d become an accidental business owner. I created a sustainable, practical, simple product - healthy for people and the planet, that I just had to share. 

EcoCubs was born.

I know that parent life is chaotic and eco isn’t always easy. Sometimes we need someone to help us make sustainable simple. That’s where I come in. 

My EcoCubs range is:

When you shop small and local with EcoCubs, you have the Anneliese guarantee.

This obsessive labour of love will always be approached with the same care and determination that it started with. 

I’m so proud to have filled a gap in the market. Unless I'm confident that a product is 100% safe to use with my own boys and eco-conscious - I won't sell it. 

For the love of our planet. For the love of our children.

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