EcoCubs Silicone Send-back Scheme

Silicone is a brilliant material. It's non-toxic, meaning it won’t leach chemicals in to our bodies, but just as importantly, it won’t leach chemicals in to our planet or oceans. Made from silica, a by-product of sand, it is much more durable and long-lasting than any plastic so its life-cycle will be greater. In fact, silicone will last a lifetime if cared for properly. 

It is also a recyclable material! Having said this, Australia is a little behind in our ability to recycle it here and so at EcoCubs we are offering a program- The Silicone Send-back Scheme.

It works like this: Send your EcoCubs silicone back to us (we’ll pay the postage!) and once we've received your goods, we'll ensure it is appropriately recycled of at the end of its lifecycle.

To access the scheme simply email us at and let us know that you're ready to send back your EcoCubs silicone. We'll then hook you up with a postage method to get the goods back to us and ensure that it avoids landfill.