EcoCubs Original Collection

Explore our EcoCubs Original Range – a collection of beautiful bamboo dinnerware that will sustainably transform your dining experience. Whether you’re looking for individual plates, cups and bowls, or an entire bamboo dinner set, our original range has something for every home!

Why An EcoCubs' Bamboo Dinner Set is a must-have

Why EcoCubs' Bamboo Dinner Sets are a Must-Have:

100% Plant-Based: Our Bamboo Dinner Sets are thoughtfully crafted from all-natural, plant-based materials. With EcoCubs, you can rest easy knowing your family’s mealtime is free from harmful plastics and toxins.

Versatility: Our range of eco-friendly kids plates and bowls is designed specifically for busy families like ours. From the dinner table to picnics, daycare centres to parties, our kids plates and bowls can be used everywhere and anywhere

Practical: Designed to effortlessly meet the demands of your daily life, our bamboo dinner sets aren’t just sustainable but practical too. Dishwasher and microwave-safe, EcoCubs dinnerware fits into any busy home.

Eco-Conscious Living: By choosing our bamboo dinner sets, you're choosing to reduce your environmental footprint. Our collection isn’t just biodegradable but also compostable. We want to help foster a cleaner planet for future generations.

Perfect as Gifts: The EcoCubs Original Range makes for a thoughtful and sustainable gift. Share the beauty of sustainability with your loved ones with EcoCubs.

Elevate your dining with our sustainable bamboo dinner sets.