Explore EcoCubs Kids Microwavable Plates and Bowls

At EcoCubs, we've designed our Kids Plates and Bowls to help make mealtime sustainable and safe for your little bears. Our range of microwaveable plates and bowls is dishwasher safe and designed for busy little people in mind!

Discover EcoCubs Kids Plates and Bowls:

Why EcoCubs' Microwaveable Plates and Bowls are the Perfect Choice

100% Plant-Based: Our bamboo microwaveable plates and bowls are more than just dinnerware. Crafted from 100% natural bamboo and plant-based materials, they keep mealtime free from harmful plastics and toxins.

Biodegradable & Compostable: Our microwaveable plates and bowls aren't just biodegradable; they are also compostable. We want to reduce our environmental impact and foster a cleaner planet for future generations.

Versatile Use: Our range of eco-friendly kids plates and bowls is designed with the whole family in mind. From the dinner table to picnics, daycare centres to parties, our kids' plates and bowls can be used everywhere and anywhere.

Fun and Functional: Our plates and bowls collection boasts beautiful designs for children and their grown-ups! Our microwaveable plates and bowls are suitable for busy families - aside from being microwave safe, they are also dishwasher safe!

Elevate your child's dining experience with EcoCubs. Explore our eco-friendly microwaveable Plates and Bowls.