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Set of 4 Cups

Set of 4 Cups

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Kiddie Cups Perfect For Any Mealtime Adventure

Have you been blessed with a serial cup thrower? Or an enthusiastic clinker-of-cups “cheers”er? Our kiddie cups have been designed to withstand the constant drops and tumbles toddler cups endure. Designed by parents who completely understand what an average mealtime entails, our kids cups are strong and durable while also being utterly beautiful.  

The EcoCubs Original Kiddie Cup Set includes:

  • Four tumbler cups in two colours (2 of each colour)- measuring 10cm x 8.5cm 

🐻 Please know that due to the production process and nature of plant-based products, every single EcoCubs product is truly one of a kind! Slight variations in material and printing will be present as we are not using synthetic materials. Although your products will be incredibly similar, no two products will be exactly the same & we think that's pretty special! We know you’ll love your EcoCubs Kiddie Cups for their individualities. 

Why we love these materials

Simply put: bamboo is one of the greenest materials on the planet! It is one of the fastest growing plants in the world and yields up to 25x more than regular trees. Not only this, it grows easily without pesticides or fertilizers, absorbs carbon dioxide at higher rates AND emits 35% more oxygen than that of a similar sized tree. It truly is a wonder plant!

Combining this with the byproducts of corn (mainly its starch) results in a material that is carbon neutral to produce and non-toxic to our bodies and the planet. And together they are 100% biodegradable!

Why do we love them for our family?

Environment and health aside, our dinnerware is durable (bamboo is harder than maple but lighter than oak!), dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe (refer to instructions for time guidelines) and oh so cute! In fact, our EcoCubs Original pattern is a one of a kind! Designed in house by our very clever sister and tested thoroughly by our little bears, it is gender & age neutral and sweet & unassuming. With sizes suitable to everyone it makes the perfect picnic accessory, caravan kit or eco gift for any bear!

Care Instuctions

Our dinnerware is dishwasher-safe! Please wash before first use.

Sometimes our products appear to have a dust-like coating when first out of their packaging. This is a non-harmful plant residue from the manufacturing process and will wash off.


Our EcoCubs Original dinnerware products are safe to be used for short bursts in the microwave. However, as they are made of the same ingredients as your food (both plant-based!) they can become hot in the same way! So always exercise caution- protective wear & no longer than 1 minute microwave time MAX recommended.


We personally use this dinnerware on a daily basis at EcoCubs HQ with our own two (rather rough!) little bears. We are confident in the durability of the products for every day use with children or when outdoors.

​Having said that, we cannot guarantee that our products are as tough as those made of pure plastic or melamine. Unfortunately, we cannot promise that they will not be broken if subjected to a tantrum or drop! 

​As our plant-based products require a little more TLC than those made from synthetic materials, please consider whether they are right for you 🐻

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EcoCubs ships all Australian orders from our HQ on the South Coast of NSW. We aim to dispatch within 24 hours, however please understand we are a family-run small biz so sometimes there might be slight delays. We ship with AusPost- please refer to their guidelines for shipping times.


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We offer $20aud flat-rate shipping on international orders. We offer $20 flat-rate shipping on international orders. Please note that depending on your location, delivery times will vary. We have been experiencing significant delays across our international deliveries- please factor this in when making your decision regarding an order.

​If you do not see your country in our list, please contact us for a shipping quote.

EcoCubs ships all international orders (aside from USA and Canada) from our HQ on the South Coast of NSW. We aim to dispatch within 24 hours, however please understand we are a family-run small biz so sometimes there might be slight delays. We ship with AusPost- please refer to their guidelines for shipping times.




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